March 2016. We decide to travel the world!

We had a really challenging winter, where our youngest was constantly sick and Joy struggled with exhaution and skin problems.

In March we were able to go on a three week parent-child health retreat. The best part was, it was a retreat for rainbow families (only happens once a year, right during our exhaustion time, yay)! It was a much needed break from Berlin and for the first time in several months we had 10 days where none of us were ill. It was so good to connect with other lesbian, queer, trans and gay parents in the allowing that it’s ok and absolutely normal to struggle at parenting and being at a physical limit at times.

It was during this retreat that my wife and I made a big decision:

We will leave Berlin behind and go on long term travels!

Why go on travels? Because we cannot make up our mind! We have been wanting to leave the cold and icky Berlin winter for years, especially since the kids really don’t deal well with them. We just don’t know where to move to. Big city or nature? Queer community or warm weather? Affordable day care or a house by the beach? Things seemed too contradictory and nothing ever clicked. And then we realized there is another possibility: We are both able to work remotely, and if we believe we can enjoy having our kids around all day, then we can simply travel and see the world.

Travelling is our way of prioritising what is most important to us and moving beyond what we thought was possible just a few months ago. We prioritized family, happiness, being in beautiful places. So many people call us brave, yet for us it was not brave, but logical: we were too scared to continue our life as usual.

After the challenging past year, we had nothing to lose, yet so much to gain.