Oh my!!! It has been a year! One year ago we booked our flights out of Berlin to Bangkok, and by this solidified our decision to travel for at least half a year, give all our stuff away, put keepers in boxes, dissolve our apartment, read up on “how to become a digital nomad family”. Two months later we drove to the airport and said bye-bye Berlin! Now it’s time to review this crazy, fun journey, draw some lines, throw colors around and create a travel sketchbook.

Page one of the travel sketchbook could be titled something like “About the sad child and good reasons for change”. The sadness and exhaustion on Miłoszs face (our little one) paints a pretty good picture of our general state at that time: cold, frustrated, disappointed, and I am pretty sure no one could remember what the sun even looked like; kid one sick half the winter, kid two all winter heading towards chronic bronchitis, one adult burned out, N°2 almost..And all together stuck in the daily grind 😉

Of course there’s no better time than complete misery to get moving and and inspired to make big changes, find some health, move at least to contentment, a lot of sunshine and maybe even a sensible degree of happiness, right?!