We did it. our apartment was empty. Somehow we managed to survive sixty days of let’s get rid of everything radical decision making craziness. We enjoyed the almost perfect unfolding of a blur that became our life, once we booked the flights and declared that we want to travel — until further notice. We broke news and some hearts, showed our talents as sales people, stuffed things that we wouldn’t part with in cellars, said goodbyes & celebrated. I drank my last latte macchiato from my favorite coffee crew on Hermannplatz, ending a daily core routine, that kept me awake and happy the last years.
We gave the keys of our home back to the owner the night before we would leave for Thailand and had a family sleepover at our best friend next door. All things packed and ready to jump up in the morning and go to the airport..

All good, all flow and then — guess what.. We forgot to set the alarm! Instead of continuing that flow, we fell out of bed because the insistent ringing of the door bell — exercised through my mom who was readily waiting downstairs to take us to the airport. Luckily we’re of the annoying (experienced) traveler kind who plans enough time to drive at least twice to the airport and back plus the good coffee drinking time (so much for the extra dose of adrenaline that you need for a long distance flight ;). So clothes on, counting travelers and bags, stuffing everthing and -one in car, drive, airport, goodbye, check in — and off we go!