June 1st 2016 - Flight from Berlin to Bangkok. Ban Phe, Thailand


  • Airbnb. 2bd, 2 bathroom House from Salina in Ban Phe.


  • letting go, arriving.


  • good

Inspiration & Projects:

  • set up our Travelblog.


  • Eliasz started drawing pictures
  • Milosz gained independence and confidence
  • kids started playing with each other, without us
  • Milosz stopped using diapers.


  • UNO


  • How to tame a dragon


  • Mamma Dog
  • Skippy the baby cat


  • swedish family, with 3 kids. Great conversations, joint visits to the beach, in the last two weeks

Things on our mind:

  • Orlando Shooting
  • Asia’s Camera & Credit Cards were stolen.


  • Rocco Miami
  • Saleng


  • fried rice. pancakes. very basic. little fun. fresh coconuts and watermelon, lots of eggs.

Queer factor:

  • we see lots of Toms (Thai term for Butches). We meet a young women who comes out to us as Bisexual.

Ideas for next destinations:

  • southern Thailand. Ko Samui
  • Train Ride from Bangkok to Malaysia & staying in Penang.
  • staying in Chiang Mai for 2 Months

It was a beautiful place we stayed at. It was a great place to arrive. Evening walks at the beach were awesome. The trash on the beach, and often closed pools bothered us. We had cravings for big city action, while loving the view of the ocean.

We spent one night on Koh Samet. absolutely gorgeous paradise beaches & long hikes to and from the bungalow to the ferry.

July 1st: Busride Ban Phe – Bangkok.

  • 4 hours on an old and shabby bus, no cooling. Eliasz threw up, Milosz peed on the seat. Please never again.